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Marco Cochi for two decades print media professional journalist and researcher with experience in crisis areas, human rights, peace and security issues in sub-Saharan Africa. Analyst for Africa Research and Development Forum, Eastwest European Institute, Think Tank “Il Nodo di Gordio” and ReaCT Observatory. Former researcher at the Defense Research and Analysis Institute (​IRAD) and Centre of Excellence “Altiero Spinelli” (CeAs-University Roma Tre).

Past experience with university-level multi-annual teaching in various lectures and training, seminars, master and postgraduate courses at Sapienza University of Rome, Link Campus University, Lumsa, Luspio, Unicusano, University Roma Tre.

Many years of experience in the area of development cooperation, where I coordinated projects of intercultural education and international solidarity. I led delegations to visit the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and some African countries.

Graduated summa cum laude in Modern Literature, Major in Philosophy and Politics. I have two 2nd-Level Master’s Degree in “International Security Studies” and in “Non-profit Economy and Development Cooperation”.

Citizen of the State of African Diaspora (SAD) and Board’s Member: AfricanaMetodo, Nodo di Gordio, Osservatorio Diritti, Osservatorio sulla radicalizzazione e il contrasto al terrorismo ReaCT.

You can contact me by email to afrofocusblog@gmail.com

You can follow me on twitter at @afrofocus




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